Photos-Then and Now


 Belmont School with "bug bonnets" on the students' heads.  Sent from Dean Schroeder 


    Belmont School.  Sent from Danny Kuhlman

 Cam Rousers 1958

Left to Right:   Dick Hadland, Duane Jacobs, Pat Budge, Danny Kuhlman, Gary Veitch, Gary Grube, Clint Rodningen, Doug Marsh, Dick Grizwold, Dick Bonlie, Loren Kihlstrom, Ray Wentz & Don Rodningen

 Sent by Don Rodnigen. 



Back row--Don Rodningen, Duane Jacobs, Pat Budge, Ray Wentz, Seated--Dan Kuhlman, Dan Denis

1980 Class Reunion - Grand Forks


 2000 Class Reunion - Grand Forks


 2000 Class Reunion Golf    Top Picture:  Ken Pede, Don Rodningen, Ron Paulson, Dave Sande  Middle Picture:  Don Rodningen, Patti Mandel Taube, Ron Paulson, Dave Sande.   Bottom Picture:  Bob Dezotell, Duane Jacobs, Pat Hogan, Steve Hansen, Don Nelson

 Graduation Day 1960  Top Picture:  Loren Kihlstrom, Dyke Larson, Bob Dezotell, Jeff Anderson  Bottom Picture:  Don Nelson, Loren Kihlstrom, Bob Dezotell, Keith Magnuson, Don Rodningen

Wilder Grade School Faculty - circa 1953  Left to right:  Dave Scherer    Far Right:  Gordon Obie


Mini Reunion - Minneapolis - 2000   Top Picture:  Bob Dezotell, Patti Mandel Taube  Middle Picture:  Susan Zazula Korpi, Cooki Charlson Davis, Bob Dezotell   Bottom Picture:  Cooki Charlson Davis, Dyke Larson, Patti Mandel Taube


Mini Reunion Minneapolis - 2000    Top Picture:  Dyke Larson, Patti Mandel Taube Middle Picture:  Dyke Larson, Jered Mondry, Patti Mandel Taube   Bottom Picture:  Cooki Charlson Davis, Dyke Larson, Patti Mandel Taube

Valley Junior High - 1956    Top Row--left to right:  ?, Gordon Robinson, ?, Dave Olson, ?, Lloyd Morin  Middle Row:  Lyle Lunde, Archie Tinjum, Arnold Iverson, Loren Kihlstrom, Larry Volland   Front Row:  ?, Glen Clayton, Jerry Bliven

Mini reunion in Phoeniz, Arizona in early March, 2016.  Seven classmates and their spouses attended.  Left to Right.  Back row:  John Stenseth, Cliff Busch.  Front row:  Bob Karel, Sheila Miller Osuch, Dean Schroeder, Rob Larson, Gay Dybwad